Sick Ruby!!

Last week Ruby was diagnosed with kennel cough, after a few days on her medication she suddenly got a lot worse and was really struggling to breath. On Sunday B & I took her to an emergency vet.... 4 hours, a set of x-rays and blood work later and all they could tell us was that she had pneumonia and she could possibly have distemper(this is due to her being in the middle of her vaccinations). We were also told that she needed to be hospitalized over night and that this facility would only be open until 8am Monday and that we would have to come back and pick her up and take her to another facility....

We decided that we would rather get her to her permanent hospital yesterday. They sent us off with her results, x-rays and little hope that she would get better soon. We arrived at the other emergency clinic and Ruby was immediately taken from us, which made me cry, I thought I would have more time to say goodbye to our little girl. We then sat there and waited for the doctor to come talk with us.

This doctor was much more optimistic about Ruby's condition and made both B & I feel a ton better. Little did we know our hearts would be yanked out in a few minutes....After the doctor spoke with us a nurse came in and gave us an estimate on her treatment and kept talking about parvo. For those of your that aren't familiar with parvo, it's quite deadly to puppies. I was so confused and upset, but we paid and went home.

As soon as we got home I immediately started researching parvo and I almost fainted at how serious it is, and Ruby's outlook was looking very grim. B& I started bleaching everything in our apartment because parvo can live up to 7 months in your home..

I called the vet later that night and they said Ruby was resting comfortably and she was starting her treatments. I then heard a beep on our phone which means a voicemail.....It was the nurse from the clinic apologizing because she thought Ruby had parvo, but she was mistaken and she has pneumonia!!!! HUGE DIFFERENCE LADY!!! You'd think she would have tried our cell phones, to get a hold of us, because she called 5 minutes after we left the vet in tears! The mistake is like telling a parent their child has stage 3 cancer as apposed to pneumonia!

Needless to say Ruby is doing better today, and the vet said although they had to give her oxygen, her pulse ox is improving...We haven't heard anyone mention distemper again, we are very thankful that it probably is that. That is a lifelong disease that can effect dogs nervous systems and ultimately kill them. Please say a little prayer for our sweet little girl, she's just 3 months old and has already been through enough! We just want to get her healthy and happy so she can come home and be a puppy!

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