Terrific Tuesday.....

Why is it a terrific Tuesday you might ask........Although I woke up with a mind numbing migraine this morning I have had a pretty good day! No specific reason, just was bound and determined that I was going to take control of my day and not let the outside world taint my day!!!

So here is how my day started....

Then I decided I was going to have a good day, so my post is dedicated to all things that are making me smile and excited!!!

This fabulous dress from Nordstrom that I simply MUST have for fall!!
Then I need these shoes to go with the cute dress, some tights and VIOLA! I am set to go!!

Although I would love this bag, it's only a mere $995, I think it would be great for fall and winter, but I can find a knock off for much, MUCH less!!

We are going home this weekend to celebrate our nieces 3rd birthday! It's a princess theme, what more could a 3 year old want!

Ruby is almost potty trained!!!

I think that would be about it for today!! Hope all of you have a wonderful day!!!


mrs.leah.maria said...

Augh, migraines are the death of me! Those are great reasons to smile! Your neice is too adorable!

etxwife said...

Hi abby! I tagged you! check my blog for details! :)

Lindsay said...

Love the dress!!

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