I've been tagged!!!

I was tagged by the lovely Kelli over at A Few of my Favorite Things! Here's the rules, you have to write 6 random things about yourself, so here goes.....

1. B and I met when he stole my parking spot before work. I was late already and didn't know he worked with me. I ran in trying to explain to my manager that I was late due to this JERK stealing my parking spot. As I spotted the JERK, I said to my manager, don't help him and my manager said hey Abby have you met my little brother B? I about died!!!

2. I was a swimmer in high school and my mom bet me one season that if I broke the school record int he 100 free I could get my belly button pierced. There was no way I would break the record I was at least 3 seconds off......Well, I ended up breaking the record by more than 2 seconds, and I got my belly button pierced!!

3. I have been a dancer all my life, I started at the age of three and have continued my entire life! I even coached a high school dance team when I lived in B's hometown.....Yeah they rocked, we won state 2 years in a row!!!
4. B and I actually got engaged on HIS birthday! After opening his presents he told me there was one more present.....I said I didn't get him anything else, he pulled out the ring box, got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.....I happily said YES!!!
5. I have a slight fixation with watermelon!! I absolutely love it!!! I have been known to eat a whole on in one sitting!!!

6. I am also in love with weddings......I would kill to become a full time wedding and event planner!! I have a wedding blog and love seeing couples go through the planning process!! Check it out it's I thee Wed!!

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