I love Polyvore!!!!

I have discovered a new website that is TO.DIE.FOR!!!!! It called Polyvore, you can create an outfit, a room, anything and I am in love!!! I have always loved fashion and now I am in heaven! My lovely ladies on the nest have been kind enough to let me design some outfits for different occasions for them!! Here is some of my work thus far!!!

This one I designed for a nestie that is attending her 10 year class reunion and wants to look stunning!

This board is for a night out in Vegas with her husband!!
This one is for Kari over at Better Together!! She is going out for a fancy dinner with the family!
This board is for a sister attending her brothers wedding...Classic, chic and elegant!

Next up is a casual dinner out with her fiance and future mother in law!
This one is for a birthday dinner with her husband!! She had a pair of hot pink wedges she hasn't ever worn and I thought her birthday would be a perfect occasion!!!

I actually put this next one together for myself. I am hosting a Breakfast at Tiffany's themed baby shower for my sister in law in October. I thought the pearls just went perfectly with the theme!

Now back to more creating....Cheers!


Dr. Erin and Mr. Heath said...

So cute, Abby! The only thing I don't like is that you didn't say where all this fabulous stuff is from! Now I need to find a fancy event to go to so you can make me an idea board!

leah said...

Look at you professional internet shopper! :)

Those boards are drool worthy.

ps. I'm with Erin.

platinum blonde said...

love these :)

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