Princess Stella Turns 3

A few weeks ago Brendan and I traveled to Iowa for our nieces 3rd birthday party! Estella turned 3 and all she wanted was a princess themed birthday party.....So that's what she got! Everyone was asked to buy her dress up clothes fo her new toy box that was being made by my good old padre! He and my stepmom made a beautiful toy box that both Noah and Stella could fit in! It was finished in an antiqued white and is simply beautiful!

The princess before her bath and her party! Gotta love the tutu and pink crocs:) Stella and her #3 shirt
Her birthday crown from Aunt Abby & Uncle Brendan

Eating cake...notice her castle of a cake!

Of course Noah got a few gifts, we got him the knight outfit and her Cinderellas ball gown...He could be her night in shining armor!

Getting ready to open presents....

Super Noah....With a sword???

There were tons and tons and tons of presents!

Super Man and Super Girl

Cinderella and a mirror just her size...

Poodle Girl

The knight and the dragon he's going to slay

Batgirl & Batman ..Their dad wants them to go as Batgirl and Batman for Halloween, so he can be Robin!

The knight in his gym shorts

Stella with Padre and Margie sitting on her new toy box
Stella in her toy box

My two sisters being funny, wearing Stella's dress up hat and fake hair!

Everyone had a great time and the next day I stopped by before we left and both kids were in the toy box playing with their presents and I got to have an extra piece of cake! BONUS!


mrs.leah.maria said...

They are absolutely adorable!

etxwife said...

looks like everyone had a really great time! That toy box is beautiful!

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