Our new digs!

Last week my mom and 2 sisters toured a town house in Iowa for B and I! We are moving in 5 short weeks, and I have packed absolutely nothing yet! Oh well, we'll get there! This townhouse boasts 2 bed rooms 2 bath rooms, a very spacious kitchen and my favorite part of all a laundry room! No more quarters for us! This also means that I will be enlisting my dear old Padre to get us his discount on brand spanking new washer and dryer! I can't wait! Here are some pics from when my mom and sisters went to see it! Did I mention that B and I haven't seen it yet!!! The giid thing is we can rent it month to month so if a house goes on the market that we would like to buy, we are free and clear to leave!! BONUS!!!

The back patio
Please excuse my sisters in these pictures....they know not what they do!! hehe!!! Gotta love em though!
The kitchen from the front entry way
The kitchen is much much larger than my one butt kitchen I have now!
The breakfast nook and my silly older sister demonstrating where our table will go!

The guest bath
Guest bed room
The living room with my little sister posing!!!
Another shot of the large living room
Another shot of the back and the over sized 1 stall garage
Our spacious side yard for Ruby

We are very excited that we will have an end unit, so we are only sharing one wall with one other person, not smashed in the middle of two different people! Cheers! Abby


Anonymous said...

How exciting!! I bet you can't wait for that kitchen. ;)

jsanck15 said...

That place looks really great! And is pretty much a blank slate! Best of luck!

mrs.leah.maria said...

I think it's awesome that you get the month to month and that your fam went and did some dirty work for you!

Enjoy your new digs . . . in a few weeks!

etxwife said...

Yay! So glad you guys got it. I love it.

Vintage Gal said...

Excellent! I love the kitchen! When can I move in? Your sisters are adorable and mine did the same thing with me when I toured my home! Congrats! - whatwedding/marialena

Lindsay said...

how exciting! :)

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