Weekend wrap-up

The hubbs and I had a wonderful weekend. It was the first in a long while that we weren't traveling and we could stay in the STL and just relax. It was a much needed break from the trips to Iowa and beyond!!! We got home from work Friday and got an invitation to go and play some bean bags with B's co-workers. They live very close and in a secluded area, so it was perfect opportunity fro Miss Ruby to run around and not be on a leash!

Our dog is not possessed, it's the flash!!!

Saturday B and I just hung around, walked the Rubes and then went out to Club Home in the Ameristar Casino with some friends. I left in much better shape than last time!!! We had a great time, and Derek Fisher the professional basketball player was hanging out with some pretty large and in charge body guards at the club!!! We made a stop at Waffle House on the way home and it was YUUUUUMMMMYYY!!!!

The whole gang!

After a few drinks.....

Sunday was amazing!!! We didn't do anything too exciting in B's eyes, but the trip to Crate and Barrel was fantastic and I have a great time! My friends that I planned their wedding for them in May were very generous and gave me a gift card to C&B, so with us moving back to Iowa soon, and no C&B's anywhere close to where we are going, I thought we needed to spend it now!! I found some great finds, and things I we will use for a long time to come!

I found these super cute little vases for the bargain price of $4.98. I thought they would add some brighter color to our home.

We needed something new for our coffee table. I found these hurricanes for $19.95 and I am going to add a green hydrangea in the white vase, and maybe some river rocks to the hurricanes. Or maybe something else.....One thing at a time!!! Looks a little too plain to me right now!!

I picked up some fantastic placemats for fall! I love the black with our table!

Never can have too many dish towels!

This was THE find of the day! We have a teeny tiny deck, but we like to enjoy the outdoors and sit out there. B found this table that literally rolls up into a bad, very similar to the bags that that everyone carries their folding chairs in. I love it! I think it will come in very handy!

All in all it was a great relaxing weekend.....I need at least 2 more days to relax before I can return to work! I propose a 3 day work week and 4 day weekend.....Anyone with me!! Have a great week!


Julie said...

You got some great stuff today. I love the vases, dish towels, and the placemats look great with your table! Too bad we don't have a Crate & Barrel around here.

-nestie soapymoose

etxwife said...

Looks like you guys has lots of fun! Great haul at C&B, I'm soo jealous. I've never been to one. :)

platinum blonde said...

great finds, love those place mats :) i might be heading to C&B on my lunch break :)

Sea Squared said...

I love the placemats!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a great weekend. Love the dishtowels!!

mrs.leah.maria said...

Your pup just keeps getting more cute!

I love your hoodie from Friday night and your hair on Saturday!

I'm super jealous of your C&B steal!

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