I've been tagged....

Today I was tagged by Lori over at Nothing Else Matters. I'm supposed to tell you 8 random things about myself and tag eight people. I didn't know I was that interesting but I will sure try to be interesting and random all at the same time!

1. I plan weddings on the side. I hope to one day own my own business and do it full-time so I can work when I want and stay home with our kids some of the time as well! I've started planning for friends and have a blog that I write called I thee Wed.

2. This past New Years Eve B and hosted a wig party, it was a blast...here's our wigs...

I've always wondered what I would look like as a brunette!

3. In May B and I traveled to Atlanta where my stebrother lives. We met my dad and stepmom there. We went to the Year One Experience, my bro works as a photographer for Year one. Oh it's a car show...Anyway, B, Padre and I took a ride in Porche Caymen's around this road track.....We went upwards of 130 mph....here's us in our helmets, ready to go!

4. I have been a dancer all my life. For the past two years I even coached a high school dance team. They rocked I must say. I tend to dance in random places and I look really silly when I've had a few drinks. B says I always make this face when I dance.....I have no explanation!

5. After adopting a puppy, B and I have come to realize that we treat her like she is our own baby! We are crazy in love with her and talk to her like she understand us!

6. I love wine!!! I could drink wine almost everday....in moderation of course!!! A couple of weeks ago we visited a local winery and needless to say I fell in love with the wine and we are bringing some good ole Missouri wine back to Iowa! Here we are at the winery.

7. B and I are huge Iowa Hawkeye fans....see my previous post! We were announced at our wedding as Mr. & Mrs, then the Iowa fight song started up!! Yes we are that die hard...Here we are jamming out as husband and wife to the Iowa fight song!

8. Last year we took a trip to Greece, B's homeland and needless to say I stook out like a sore thumb!! There aren't man blonds in Greece! Especially when I'm this blond!

Now here's who I am tagging!

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Meredith said...

The wig party looks like so much fun, and the dancing pic is a total classic! Too cute!

Anonymous said...

What wineries did you visit?! And I'm completely jealous of the Greece trip!

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