This is Hawkeye country!!!

This Saturday is the biggest football game of the year in the state of Iowa!!! It's the annual Iowa v. Iowa State game and every Iowan will be watching or checking the score! Last year the cheapest ticket that anyone could scalp was at least $90....Yes, we Iowa folk do get out every once in a great while! Anyway, last year ISU beat IOWA and this year it is NOT going to happen again!

B and I are so jealous because we are in STL this year and not able to go....BOOOOO!!! We are both graduates from there as well as many families members...we like to say that we bleed black and gold!!! Go HAWKS!!!

Last year our friends that know the owner of Winnebago, the RV company asked us to come and stay with them the night before the game...Even though they are state fans, we decided we could put our rivalry aside to stay in a half million dollar Winnebago...Yes you read that right!!! There were hardwood floors, flat screens everywhere and a king size bed...Granite counter tops and a fire place were the icing on the cake! The news crew even came in because they thought it was just that sweet!!!!

This year the game is at 11am and you better bet your hiney that there will be people tailgating at 6am..no joke!!! Have a great weekend....ON IOWA!!! Kick states A$$!!!!!


Chelsea and Brian said...

GO HAWKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Holly and Sean said...

I love the color of your hair Abby!!!

mrs.leah.maria said...

You make me wish I were that into the Gophers!

this is we said...

You've been tagged!


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