Our first house part II

The other major renovation in our first house was the basement . The basement originally was a site for sore eyes and was to say the least very scary!!! The carpet in the upstairs living room was a nasty green color that was stained and before we could even move in we painted and B cleaned the carpets at least 5 times. The carpets were so nasty that the water coming out was black....Yes TMI I know, but it had to be said! Here are some before and after pics.

The basement before....

The basement bedroom before..

We took out a large beam in the ceiling and the stell poles in the middle of the room, put up sheet rock, baseboard, painted and laid carpet.

Basement bathroom mis way through, it was way too scary to show before pics

Basement living room after....It was Christmas time

B wouldn't move so I could take pics

B tiled around the wet bar and built the wet bar from scratch, no model or help!

Looking towards the bedroom & bathroom

Bedroom all done!

We even had a walk in closet. We took down the paneling, added a closet, put up sheet rock, baseboard, painted and carpeted.

B built the cupboard for the towels, there was very little storage before.

This was sheet rocked, new potty, vanity, tiled, painted and base board added

Vanity & medicine cabinet from Menards

I think overall it turned out pretty well! I was proud of our hardwork and B's ability to finish it by himself!
Have a wonderful Thursday! Cheers! Abby


Dr. Erin and Mr. Heath said...

Wow, Abby! You guys really transformed that house! It looks amazing. I bet it was hard to sell, it was your baby!

etxwife said...

Love the house!!

BTW, you've been tagged! Check my blog for details! :)

ROXY said...

Wow!! That's amazing!! I just love how your basement turned out! I your husband a contractor or just super handy? We would like to tackle our basement but I just don't know if we would be up for the challenge;) Thanks for sharing:)

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