Wedding Week IV

A year ago today was our rehearsal dinner. All I can say is that it was simply fabulous! Brendan is Greek and so my wonderful in-laws decided to have a greek themed dinner. It was amazing and so much fun! We went through the rehearsal at the church and to say the least it was so odd to think that the next day we were doing this for real.

After the run through my in-laws hosted the dinner at the hotel we had our reception at. There was Greek dancing, greek food and a carrot cake that was to die for!

I was shocked that everyone was actually there on time and our pastor took over...thank goodness!

The dudes

Now what do we do??

Padre getting a little chocked up

My funny older sis

Aunt Tula with Padre & Margie....Yes, Brendan has an Aunt Tula & Kula...they are twins! Can you say my big fat Greek Wedding!

Let the greek dancing start!

What the heck are we doing???

Now what???

My sister in law and moi!

My two best friends and my personal attendants!

Stay turned for tomorrow!!

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Vintage Gal said...

Awww, these are great pics!!! Happy Anniversary! Mr. Whatwedding and I celebrated our 3rd on Sept. 17. Many happy years to come!

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