I have fallen in love


and it's fall decor! Although I won't be purchasing anything from Pottery Barn, I love to find or make the same things for much less dinero!! Here are some great rooms from their fall magazine!

Ok, now to my favorite part.....where I find stuff and make it look like good ole Pottery Barn for much, much less!!! Here are things in our house that I think are similar to PB.

First, our wine bar! Here is the one from PB at $700

Now our wine bar that my good ole Padre refinished for us. A total cost of $0. This used to be my great-grandmothers ice chest.

Next is a coffee table. Here is the one from PB at a whopping $600.

And our coffee table that DH refinshed. Ours cost us around $40. The table was free from my in-laws

On to side tables. Pb sells this one for $199 on sale, originally $299.

Then there's our side tables, at a total cost of $20 for both. Tables were free from my in-laws once again.

Then there's an upholstered headboard. PB sells an upholstered headboard for anywhere from $849-$1699.

A few weeks ago I made an upholstered headboard and here's how it came out!

Next, is our guest bedroom bedding. I saw this in a PB magazine and loved it, but not the price!

I found this little number at smart bargains for $40.

Ok, then lastly, I will shut up after this....is our kitchen table. PB sells this beautiful table for $999.

My dad refinished this FREE table for us and we simply love it!

Now don't get me wrong, I love, love, love Pottery Barn and love their style, but I do not love the prices nor can our pocketbook afford their prices. So that's why I love being able to simulate their style. I know that our belongings are no where near Pottery Barn's but they work for us, and we think they look simple and put together! I am a baragin girl! What can I say! Happy Tuesday!


Sea-Squared said...

I love the fall catalog too but not the prices so much. I think you've done a great job with your home! Gorg!

Jennifer said...

Abby, I came over after you AWed yourself on the board. I love what you have done and how your pieces are more personal and unique. I love the bar and its story!

Holly and Sean said...

Abby, I love your versions of everything more than the Pottery Barn versions~ As always, everything looks fab!

mrs.leah.maria said...

I'd hate you if I didn't love you for letting me feast my eyes. :)

Not Martha said...

I wish I could get the pottery barn catalog in Canada...those pictures are so great and I didn't see them on their website. I posted about Pottery Barn today too, their site has so many great photos right now. I love all your inspired pieces in your own home!

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