Yes, we are selfish!!!

This past weekend B and I had a discussion about having a baby and although we know that we do not want a baby in the near future, we do know that it's due to us being a little selfish. Could we financially afford a baby? Yes. Could our house accomidate a baby? Yes. Would we be excited about expanding our family? Absolutely, but since we do have the choice or so we think we are waiting! We do however know that God will bless us with a child when the timing is right, we just hope his time is in line with our time!!

So here are a few things I would like to do before we have a little bambino!

Run a marathon

Back in college I was training to run the Chicago marathon and completed a half marathon, but them suffered a stress fracture and my quest was over! Now I know I can do it if I set my mind to it! Shhh, don't tell my mom I'm training, she thought I was nuts the first time!

Travel to Greece again!
We had such an amazing time last summer and it would be a bit hard to leave a baby with my parents for that long! Not to mention that we probably wouldn't want to leave the little on behind!

Pay off all of our debt..
Not that we have a ton, but we still have B's student loan and I would like to have that all paid off before we expand out little family.

Buy a new car
B would like a truck, I want a small SUV, and this debate is a never ending one....who will win??? An SUV is more practical for a baby!! Here's what I would like! More realistically, here is what we would look at...


Vintage Gal said...

We feel the same way. We just think when the timing is right, God will let us know! Sometimes it's wise to be selfish! Actually, it's self-less! hugs!

Mrs. McB said...

I definitely feel your thoughts on this one. Mr. McB and I are the same way.

mrs.leah.maria said...

Hah! Seeing as how we are pg, I think it goes without saying that Ton and I had the very same convo . . . and truth be told, there is a lot more on our list yet to be accomplished, but we embraced the fact that we were being selfish and decided to go for it anyways. It's all in God's timing anyways and we believed regardless of when we started trying that it would be His perfect timing. So here we are, working through our selfish desires and anxiously expecting! :)

And I'm not saying there's anything wrong about waiting (!), just that Tony and I saw it differently

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