Beans, Beans, the magical fruit....

This Thanksgiving I am making my favorite dish of all....GREEN BEAN CASSEROLE!! Every year someone in the fam makes it and unless it's my mom, sisters or myself, I don't like it! There isn't anything special to our recipe, but it just turns out that my palette likes my own flesh and blood cooking the sacred dish!

This year I will be making it and my little sis Karin will be coming to help me Thanksgiving morning. Not that there's much you can screw up, but she's like me and needs the casserole to be perfect! Every year it's no fail that there are leftovers of GBC but not enough!! My entire fam loves GBC and all eat it in a variety of ways.....My Stepdad loves leftovers and puts everything including GBC on his turley sandwich, my brother eats it combined with his mashed potatos, I eat it warm with my leftovers and my sisters will eat it cold out of the dish....yep, that's us!! We could eat the stuff till the 4th of July, no joke!! I thought I would share with you my recipe and some tricks I've learned over the past years!

The ingredients:

1 block Velveeta cheese

6 cans french cut green beans

2 cans crispy onions

3 can cream of mushroom soup

Worcestershire suace 3 Tbsp

First in medium sauce pan combine velveeta, soup and worcestershire on medium heat. Let simmer until cheese is melted, and everything is the same consistency. Put half the mixture in crock pot. Add 3 cans of bean, mix together in crock pot. On the first layer put about hald a can of the crispy onions. Repeat with the rest of the mixture and beans. Top with half can crispy onion. Bak at 350 degrees for 45 minutes. I bake mine in my crock pot. This way I can transfer it to the base of the crock pot and keep it warm. About 15 minutes before your casserole is ready to come out of the oven, top it with 1 can of the crispy onions. After it's done.....ENJOY!!!

p.s. if you make this recipe, yours will look better than the picture up top!


Meredith said...

I LOVE green bean casserole--though i grew up with a totally different version.

Yours looks fantastic as well though!

TheWife said...

We had our Thanksgiving dinner at work today and everyone was to bring in a side dish. There were about 5 different green bean casseroles to pick from. I picked the one I thought looked like the closest to mine. Boy was I wrong. It was the worst GBC ever. I was so disappointed!

Jennifer said...

Yummy!! I'm the same way with alot of my dishes, I only like it if I make it..lol. Happy Thanksgiving!!

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