Some new pics of the Rubes

Since I am boring and uninteresting these days I thought I would post some very cute pics of our little girl Ruby! Yes I call her the Rubes, Ruber doozers, and B calls her scoober, I dislike like that name, but whatever blows his dress up! Anyway she is almost 9 months old and I am back to my pre-doggie figure.... Anyway she is now around 35lbs. and growing like a champ!

She is still my cuddlebug and sleeps with us every night, loves her Mr. Pheasant and her new tire toy...We found it at PetCo and it says that it's hard to destruct which = perfect for Rubes! It says it's non-toxic and made of real tire material so we will see! Anyway, here are a few recent pics and some older ones just to show you how much she's grown! Have a great Tuesday!

Her perch

Just hanging out at the old apartment

Chewed this bed to shreds!

Just a puppy....right after her hospital stay

Ready to go to bed!
Hanging out with her daddy

What do you want mommy??

And some newer ones....

Sleeping on the living room floor


Jennifer said...

She's is just too cute!! I love her pink doggy bed!!

High Heels & Mascara said...

She's too darn cute!!

Dunc said...

Ruby is the cutest - love her!

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