Answers to your burning questions.

Last week I told you to ask me anyting, and you did just that! Now it's time that I answer your questions you asked! So here goes nothing....
1. Describe your perfect Saturday.
My perfect Saturday would consist of waking up late and in late I mean 9am, getting ready for the day, playing outside with Ruby, shopping, or being outside with B and Ruby. Then ending the day with a date night!
2. What's your favorite book and why?
My Favorite book is Escape by Carolyn Jessop. She escaped from the FLDS in 2005 and took her 8 children with her. She is now doing remarkably well and details her journey through life in her book. I have always been interested in different lifestyles and why people choose to live that way. When I heard about the FLDS in the news I was immediately captured by their lifestyle, beliefs and traditions. Now I will say that I am in no way thinking of adopting that religion or lifestyle, it just intersts me.
3. What made you choose your profession?
Do you have all day?? I majored in sociology and psychology in college. I then went back to school to get my education degree. After doing all this I came upon a job that was dealing with at-risk teenage boys. From the first day I knew that is where I belonged. These kids were there because they had offended in someway shape or form. When I really got to know these kids, they were great kids, they just needed a lot of guidence, love, and structure. Most of the kids I deal with have NO structure, mom and dad probably don't want them and to recieve attention these kids act out. If I can be that one person in their life that gives them that stability and structure, then my job is done. I want to change as many lives as I can. I want to shape the next generation so the cycle doesn't continue.
4. Where did you get that awesome red bag?
First, thanks for thinking it's awesome! Second I bought it in Chicago at a small boutique called Francesca's. It's a great little store with reasonably priced items and pieces that you won't find everyone else wearing. The best part, the clutch was only $30!
5. Why did you choose the name Ruby for your dog?
First, miss Allie, I do remember you and your Ruby is simply precious! My stepmom actually came up with the name. The day after we adopted Ruby we took her to Chicago for a wedding. The hotel said that we could pay an extra fee and she could stay there. So we packed her up along with her crate and headed to Chicago. This is all before we knew she was very, very sick. Anyway, we were originally going to call her Whitley because we saw a doggie on petfinder that was named that and we liked it. At dinner, after a few glasses of wine my stepmom leaned over and said what about Ruby? We looked at each other and loved it! So from then on, Ruby had her name. Funny little tidbit, my sister found out she was pregnant for the 3rd time a few weeks after we got Ruby......Her girl name....RUBY!!! Not any longer! I guess great minds think alike!
6. What is your favorite movie?
My favorite movie would have to be wedding crashers. It's like a train wreck you don't want to look, but you can't look away! If you haven't seen it, rent it, it's hilarious!
7. Any favorite quotes?
"Courage is not the absence of fear, it's going ahead despite the fear".
8. Favorite recipe to make?
This would be my grandma's hamballs.....YUUUMMYYY!!!
9. Favorite item of clothing?
This is tough one. I am a clothes hound and love all things fashion. I would have to say my favorite item of clothing would be a shirt dress from j crew. It's blue and I can wear it year round! In the summer I pair it with my silver flat gladiator sandals and my aviators, and I'm ready to go. In the winter I layer it with a chunky long sweater over the top or a funky long sleeved shirt under it with tights and possibly knee socks over the tights that stick out the top pf my boots.
Thank you to all who asked questions! Happy Tuesday!

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