Ruby wants to show off her new fashions!

I swore I would never be THAT person tat buys clothing for our dog.....Well with the wind chill creeping down and the snow blowing like it's the north pole I broke down and bought Rubes a sweater, a cute Christmas t-shirt and a pink sweater in which she chewed a hole through....ahhh the puppy years! Here are a few snapshots of my little cuddle bug in this seasons most fashionable dog wear.

Her new pink sweater...which now has a hole in it!

Her teal/aqua sweater that was a steal at Wal-mart! Only 5 bones for this one!

Lastly, her snowman/Christmas t-shirt! A whopping $4.99 at Tar-Jay!!!

I'm creating a fashionista in my dog...uhhhh ohhh!!!


CageQueen said...

Everyone gives me grief for dressing my dog up, esp since we live in So Cal. Mainly, it is my husband who is horrified at her outfits, which I think are adorable. In my defense, as her owner it is my job to protect her. She is a mere three pounds fully grown so when we're chilly in 60 degree weather she is freezing her tiny tail off. My dog has almost as many outfits as I do!

Vintage Gal said...

Wow! She looks so warm and snuggly!!!! What a cute look. Nice job, doggy mom! lol

mrs.leah.maria said...

Aww, I love the over the shoulder shot! She's working it!

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