Ask me anything.....

I've noticed a few of my blogging friends doing this and I thought I would give it a try....So here goes nothing, you can ask me anything......It can be about my life, my job, my blog, the Rubes, nothing is off limits...Hit me up with a comment and I will post the answers early next week....now if no one leaves any comments, I will be deleting this post to save my own pride!

Ask, ask away!!! Happy Thursday!

I will leave you with a picture of your faithful blogger friend....me gettin my groove on!


kari said...

describe your perfect saturday

what is your favorite book and why?

what made you choose your profession?

. said...

1. Where did you get that awesome red bag?

2. What's your favorite Christmas memory?

Allie said...

why did you choose the name Ruby for your dog? (i ask because my pup is named Ruby too!) not sure if you remember, but we messaged back and forth on the nest about our pups a couple months ago(mine is a english springer/golden retriever mix).

what is your all time favorite movie?

any favorite quotes?

Jennifer said...

Favorite recipe to make?

Favorite item of clothing?

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