Making cookies for Christmas

This past weekend my wonderful grandparents came over for a cooking lesson for B and myself! For years and years they have made the most wonderful sugar cookies and cereal mix. I would put them up against anyone else's cookies and mix and I'm sure they'd win out! Anyway, B and I went to the store got all the items we needed, then welcomed Gram and Gramps that afternoon.

We started with the mix and it turned out AMAZING!!!! We only had 6 one gallon bags, not nearly enough!!! We served it yesterday at our extended family Christmas, we have just enough we can serve it again next year! Just kidding!!! Here's the wonderful melt in your mouth mix......

Next it was on to the best sugar cookies in the world! Oh my mouth is watering just thinking about eating one! First you mix the batter...duh! Then you roll the batter into small balls and roll in white sugar. Smash with a flat bottom cup. Here's the kicker you spray the bottom of the cup with pam, the cooking spray and then dip it in colored surgar, we use green and red. Anyway, then you bak them. Here's some pictures of our cooking adventure!

My adorable grandparents

Little Betty Crocker stiring the mix


Just to let you know, I've eaten two cookies while typing this post! Oh and they're best when frozen!!mmmmmm!!! Happy baking!

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Jennifer said...

Everything looks yummy!! Your grandparents are so cute together!!

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