The green desk part II

Back in November B and I scored this awesome in my opinion desk from my lovely grandparents. They moved to a retirement community and didn't have the space to fit this little ditty so I snatched it up and couldn't be more happy with how it look in our Guest bedroom.

With the desk came a little dilema, we needed a chair. Nothing too contemporary, the desk is an antique and nothing too large, the guest room is spacious but not a museum. So I challeneged my dear momma....yes that's what I call her, haven't called her mom for years. Anyway, I mentioned that I would like a black chair to go with the desk. On New Years Eve (our Christmas) she delivered. She found this little number at a local antique mall, redid it and finished black and even made the adorable chair cover for it! WAY TO GO MOMMA!!! Aren't mom's great?? So here is the desk in the guest room. Now all I need is window treatments, and the room is pretty close to being done. Any suggestions on window treatments??? Color, style, etc. Remember I am decor challenged!!

On the running front, I registered for my first 8K of the year! Yikes it's in April and even thought I've been a runner all my life I haven't run that far in a few years. I'll be ready though, I just went out and did 4 miles with the Rubes and she looks better than me! I not only have to get in shape for races this year, but also for soccer season. I can't let those high school girls out run me...remember I am a state track champ....I need to represent the title!


mrs.leah.maria said...

I love the chair, props to your Mom!

Congrats on registering for the 8K and you're totally right on getting in shape for soccer. You'll never get their respect if they can outrun you.

Dunc said...

Great chair! And nice work on the 8k training.....I can barely drag myself to yoga.

Allie said...

love the chair and congrats on registering for the 8k! i started running last spring and i hate running by myself...but i read you take ruby! did you have to train or anything to have her run with you? my rubes just turned 1, so i think it's time she can go on runs with me. any advice?

Mrs. McB said...

I love the desk and I love the chair! Great job!

Mango Gal said...

I love the chair! So pretty! Maybe you can get some curtains in black? It could make the green really pop! Were you thinking panels or a roman shade? Maybe panels so that you can look out the window while working?

Keep us posted! Congrats on your 8K!

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