It's the small things...

That make me smile..... I just thought I would share a couple of things, one I purchased from Etsy and one I was given as a Christmas gift.

First, the one I purchased from Etsy. I found this little lady on Etsy from the seller Burritobabies and it arrived in the mail yesterday and man is she a beaut! My sister ordered one as well and we are both using them for our makeup and they fit everything just perfectly! Here she is!!!

Then the second little guy is a little Christmas gift Padre and my stepmom gave Ruby and me for Christmas. I love it so much that I now need to find a top for it so I can leave it out year round! They were even kind enough to fill it with treats.

Hope you all have a wonderful day!
Cheers! Abby


Jennifer said...

I love the bag from Etsy, I'm going to check those out. I may have to get me one and a few for gifts!!

The treat jar is adorable!!!

Mrs. McB said...

I love both of them! Cute Cute!

C said...

Looove the Etsy bag!!

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