A new look and...

Some random ramblings from yours truly...

-It's -24 actual temperature outside today and I am not stepping my rear end out that door today!

-Our new bedding arrived yesterday and it's beautiful, this weekend I am going shopping for some fabulous throw pillows..

-B and I had breakfast for dinner last night and it was magical, I love breakfast for dinner, I am not a fan of brekfast at breakfast....are you following???

-Please keep my grandma in your thoughts and prayers, she is having surgery today and although it's a pretty routine surgery, everything at 84 is serious. I will keep you all updated.

-B and I are going on a double date this weekend with my sis and brother in law...I have to give my sis credit she's 37 weeks pregnant, has been in the ER 3 times during this pregnancy and is ready for this baby to meet the world...I give her credit for wanting to go on a double date. Might I add that the other day someone asked her if this was all they were having (they have 2 others Noah 5 and Stella 3) and she said I don't care if we have more kids, but this is the last one I'm carrying!! I will leave you with a pic of our adorable niece and nephew that we love dearly! They are so excited to add a brother or sister to their family!

They were Bat Man and Bat Girl here trying to show off their muscles!

Also, hope you all like the new layout!


CageQueen said...

I'm cracking up at your breakfast for dinner. As a kid, we'd have that whenever my mom was emotionally spent, which was often, so I have bad memories/associations to it. Not to mention, I literally can NOT eat breakfast past 11a.m. because it feels wrong an dirty. Talk about neurotic?!?!?

I love the names your sis picked for her kids. Super cute. She is a trooper!

mrs.leah.maria said...

I love the new look!

We've got the same weather as you hun, it's not pretty!

Can't wait to see the bedding.

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