Our guest room for your viewing pleasure...

So our guest room has been the bane of my exsistence since we moved in September 2008. I just don't know what to do with it, I don't love it, we rent so I don't want to paint, the list goes one. Well I have now come to drastly like our guest bedroom and it only needs a few more little touches and VIOLA!! We will have a room that I just might love. Now I wil l preface this with I am decor challenged, however give me a potato sack and I can make you a divine get-up. Anyway, here's the little lady as she stands right now... Sorry the bedding is wrinkled, Ruby was laying up there.

Ruby thought she needed to make an apperance.

So now on to the details...

These are pics B and I took on our trip to Greece & Italy

The infamous bubble lamp from Target

I love my new boxes from Hobby Lobby

Pillow also from Hobby Lobby

Got these babies for 50% off

Vase from Target

Mirror, free from my sister

Shelf..free from my mom

Green desk=free, chair redone by my momma, boxes were an xmas gift, wreath was from our wedding, the mail sorter I will get to..

So now all I need are some window treatments and then I think I will call it a day!
Oh forgot bedding is from smart bargains
On to this eye sore....well I am taking care of that this weekend...It will still be in it's same place on the green desk, but it will be drastly different....Any guesses what my weekend project is???
I'm keeping it becuase it has great storage and I think it will look pretty snazzy when I get done with it!

Hello 1990 called and they want their fugly mail sorter back!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Abbie said...

Looks good Abby! I love that desk!

C said...

Looking Good! I, too, am working on our guest room. However, you're much further ahead! ;)

Mrs. McB said...

I really like your room. I think it is great for guests. Good job!

Mango Gal said...

It looks awesome girly! My favorite is that adorable green desk.

Chasity M said...

Love, Love, Love that green desk!

Kraesc said...

I love your guest room. It's very nice. And you may be surprised by this quetion, but where did you get that mail sorter? It may be "fugly" but you are right, it looks like great storage and I'm sure you're going to dress it up nice! I have been looking everywhere and can't find one...

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