Updates from moi

Yesterday I reported that Ruby chewed a lovely hole in our brand new bedding. Well, my momma came to the rescue and fixed it and you can't even tell there was a hole. Bless her heart she sewed it all by hand and even made a pin tuck where there was a small hole. It's on the side near the seam so you won't even be able to tell!!

I now have a new job for the summer. I am going to be teaching pre-school to some wonderful 3 & 4 year olds. My job at the high school isn't during the summer, so I thought since we don't have any kiddos yet I should be working.

We rearranged our living room and I think it looks so much better! Not like a long hotdog! Here are a few pics I snapped after the move.

Lastly, our cutie little niece Zoe and her parents are coming to visit this weekend and we are so excited! We haven't seen her since she was born in November and she's growing like a weed!


Mrs. McB said...

Have a blast with your family. I'm so glad your mom could fix the bedding.

Sarah Danielle: Jeune Marie said...

Glad your bedding got repaired - what a silly puppy!!

C said...

The updates look great! And, by the way, You're tagged! Come check it out: http://www.weddedwhims.blogspot.com

Lindsey said...

The updates are gorgeous!!! Have a great weekend!

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