My pillow purchases

Thank you to all my readers for your comments I ordered 3 pillows off Etsy, two for our bedroom and one for our living room. First, the green damask pillows are actually pillow covers and they will go nicely with our new bedding. Then I had an AH HA moment when the green pillow I purchased at Khol's was just sitting there looking very sad and I thought this would look PERFECT on our bed with the two new pillows I just snagged! So it's changed it's home from the living room to the bedroom with the Paris pillow taking it's place. I wanted our living room to be brighter so I am swapping out some reds to whites and hopefully that will do the trick! Below are the pillows that I am the proud new owner of. Check out the links below, the sellers of these beauties make some amazing pieces!

Link to damask pillows here

Link to Paris pillow here

On the soccer front my team is now 4-0 with a tight win last night. They scored in the last 2 minutes of the game to secure their flawless record! I told them, I don't want to have a heart attack at 26, so please score earlier, thank you very much!!!


julie said...

Our volleyball season kind of went that way- needless heart attacks in the making! Love the pillows!

hopeful #1 said...

Love the pillows! Great choices!

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