Random writings from me....

I'm not that interesting but I do use this blog to attempt at being interesting. So here goes nothing.....

First, last Sunday Henry John William was baptized and B was his Godfather. He looked handsome in his new suit and B looked handsome as always. I also took a pic with Noah my Godson and with his godfather his uncle A. I can't believe it's been almost 6 years since Noah was born....Makes me feel old!!!

Us with Mr. Henry!

Next, my soccer team is kicking butt and taking names! Last night they won and beat a top rated team in the state! This means their next game they have to beat one last team and they will be conference champs! I am so, so proud of them, their harwork and dedication they have given me! They deserve this, because no one thought they would be able to attain this fete. We always knew they could do, but now it's time for them to get the recognition they deserve!

Our master bedroom redo is coming along very well. The pillows have arrived, the bedding is in place, and tonight B and I are hanging our new pics above our bed. I will post pics very soon!

Ok so there is my attempt at being interesting, happy hump day!


Leslie G said...

You are so pretty and stylish! Congrats to your soccer team!

Amber said...

No worries, I have the same problem with my blog! I sure do not blog as often as I intended! You are great! And I do enjoy your blog!

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