snap shots....

B and I have been out and about over the past couple of weeks with some family and I don't have a catchy slogan for the post or any real point for that matter, but I do have pics of some cutie pie kiddos and who doesn't love that!! So here they are!

Ms. Stella and her cute red top

Hanging out on B and Pobo's shoulders. Check out Stella's green flats...she is sooo my niece!

The rents at dinner

Even mr. Henry came to dinner with us!

And out smug mugs

Noah with a large and in charge duck...I then had to pay $5 for this pic...seriously, it's a duck people!
Posing in their Iowa Chops t-shirts......Iowa Chops just wrong!

I love the red hair!

So there you have it!! Have a great Monday. My soccer team is currently 2-0 with 3 game this week. I will keep you updated!!!

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