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I've done this before to give my readers a look as to who this man I speak of really is. Well let's see, B and I met when he stole my parking spot in college when we were both late for work at Abercrombie & Fitch...yes I know cliche we worked at A&F, not a glamorous job by any means, but we were broke college students. So I am dedicating this post to B, all the things he loves.

His chai latte is his go to every weekend...

What more can I say, we bleed black and gold!

Everytime there's a chance to be by the water and fish, he's right there pole in hand.

I married someone who is as nuts about soccer as I am!

His 66 Mustang that he and his dad refinished...It's a beaut!

Lastly, our adorable little girl Ruby, what isn't to love about that face???
Happy hump day!!! Enjoy your short week!

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Risa said...

Hawkeyes...my hubs is a Husker fan but from Iowa:-) Go figure. I'm a Sundevil so I just go for the fun.

Your little girl couldn't be cuter!! OMG. too stinkin' cute!!!

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