Schools out for summer

Today is my last day at work until mid August. I am beyond thrilled and am not doing a darn thing tomorrow but play with Ruby and run soccer practice. Seriously, I think I am going to sleep till noon, maybe shower and brush my teeth, but that's it. I'm taking the day off. Starting next week I will be watching my 2 nephews and niece 1 and a half days a week, and running a couple of soccer camps throughout the summer.

This summer I am planning on getting B and I organized, as in psycho organized! We have way too much crap in storage and that's not organized. So I am going to go box by box label, purge and donate so we can become as organized as possible! First I am starting with our storage in the basment of B's office, it's a disaster!!!

Then I am planning on bringing a few more things to Casa de B&A such as flatware. B always says we need more flatware at our house. We only have 5 sets out right now. We have 7 more in storage. Then organizing our house. Now it is somewhat organized but not nearly what it should be, again we have way too much crap!!!

I have started organizing our closets, I recently purchased wood hangers. We are going to all wood, from plastic. I found hangers at Nordstrom rack for dirt cheap and thought what better time is there than now....So we've now made the jump to wood people.

Here are a few organizing systems I would love to have, but will be giving them my own little twist.

Happy Thursday!


Mrs. McB said...

Sounds like you have everything all planned out! I'm excited for updates. :)

Meredith said...

I'm so jealous that you're off for the summer! I just posted on my blog today asking myself WHY I didn't pursue working for a school?!

kristen6 said...

Can you come to Ohio and organize my life too?

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