Warning.....gross pics ahead!

Don't say I didn't warn you. As I was looking through our pictures that we have saved on our computer I came across some pics from Father's day 2007. We were living in northern Iowa in our first home and we had a good college friend of B's staying with us.

On sunday afternoon we decided to take my in-laws boat out. We shouldn't have since it was way too windy, but we thought our friend hadn't been on the lake before and we should go. All in the the ride was dandy and as we were coming into the slip it got a bit rocky. Well B got the boat in the slip and said " hey Ab, I need to get some weight out of the boat so I can get it up" the boat was bouncing around and it could badly damage the boat.

So I started to get out of the boat set the cooler and my bag on the dock, went to get out and slammed my head into the boat lift. It was a blunt metal piece that hurt like a mother. I thought I had just smacked it pretty hard and I would have a nasty bump. Well I put my left hand over the top of my head and stepped back onto the boat and immediately B ran to me.

I then sat down and took my hand down from my head, it was covered and I mean covered in blood. Ouchy!! Apparently it was also running down my face at this point. B said " honey I need to get the boat up, Shannon is going to help you out and get you upstairs and I will be right up". Our friend Shannon helped me up, and I walkeed up to my in-laws house, got some ice and a rag that I soaked through in about 3 minutes.

So after all that debacle B took me to the hospital and I ended up having to get 6 staples, and a tetnus shot, I hated the shot more than the staples.

So the little joke is that I had sent my dad his gift early and I told him that I emailed him one more gift, he has the same twisted sense of humor as I do. Well he took it to his staff meeting Monday morning and put the pics up on the projetor and said " look what my daughter got me for Father's day". Anyway, seriously, do not go any further if you don't want to see some gross pics, nothing too bloody, but still my head is cut open.

After I got home from the ER, I immediately put my pj's on, I have no idea why it was around 4pm in the afternoon! You can see that my hair id red on the right side of your screen, thankfully I could wash it the next day!

I was most worried that they would have to cut my hair, but they didn't!

Looking a little rough, and had a bad headache! Please excuse the tatas and pj's.

Have a great weekend!

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Mrs. McB said...

Oh my goodness...you poor thing. I always end up doing stuff like that too.

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