I can't believe I actually paid for this...

B and I have started boot camp this week. We now get up at 5:30am Tuesday and Thursday and have someone bring us to the brink of death those mornings. We actaully signed up and paid for this exhausting 45 minutes. What has life come to?? I would have never thought of paying someone to literally kick my ass at 6am, but now why the heck not??? I have a feeling tonight B and I will be looking a little rough after work and soccer practice. I'm ready to hit the hay now and it's 9:15am. I might curl up under my desk and take a snooze. Did I mention that my sis, mom and stepdad are joining us....It's a whole family affair at boot camp!!

I don't have any actualy pictures of us at boot camp, I would be tortured and brought within and inch of my life by all my boot camp mates if I brought my camera within 100 yards of bootcamp! None of us look pretty at 6am!
On the soccer front, my girls play for the conference championship tomorrow night. Cross your fingers it will be a tough game!!

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Mrs. McB said...

Wow! I admire you guys for that. I could never do it.

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