Do-it yourself project #2

This past week I got the craft bug and decided to also paint a mail sorter that we had gotten for free from my mom. It was originally brown, and looked OK, but I thought most of our house has black accents and it would look much better black. So as B was still working on his cornhole bags I painted this mail sorter and I think it turned about very well....



We also got a nice surprise from my dad a few weeks back. My dad and stepmom gave me a print for Christmas called "Afternoons at the Abigail" well it didn't have a frame. So when Padre was here in February he took the print home and made a frame for it. When they were here a few weeks ago, my print came back all nice and framed! I love it!

It now hangs in our guest bedroom and I love the colors and the frame!
Dont' forget about the ask me anything post prior to this one!! Have a great weekend!

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C said...

Looks MUCH better lady! good job!

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