Weekend wrap-up!

This past weekend we had an absolute blast!!! B and I are now both exhausted and paying for it this Monday!! We started out the weekend by celebrating my mom & stepdad's 20th wedding anniversary with a lunch on Friday. What they didn't know was that we flew in my little sister to celebrate the weekend with us!! My mom's face was priceless!!! We then celebrated that evening with pizza and cake at my sister and another surprise, we had also flown in my little brother from New Orleans!! We figured out he would be here for a total of 32 hours!!

The original 6 plus Ruby

My sisters and me

The happy couple!

Saturday evening we went out to dinner and it was delicious!! We surprised them once again by having their very good friends join us! The food was delcious, we were stuffed and had a wonderful time!

Heading out for a night cap....

Sunday we ended the weekend by going to the Iowa Corn Indy 250...no we are not race fans, but I have to say it was a blast! We got up super early Sunday morning and headed over to the Iowa Speedway to experience it all. Thankfully we were either wearing ear plugs or head phones listening to the drivers and crews talk. Otherwise I would have had serious hearing damage!!

Listening to the drivers and put crew talk to each other.

I added this video just so you could see how loud it really was!! Happy Monday!

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Chelsea said...

my dad & little sister were at that race this weekend too! don't ya just love iowa in the summer? my sister got TONS of autographs there.. Danika Patrick & even Ashley Judd... she got her picture taken with Ashley Judd! too funny.

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