Garage sale finds

Last Thursday and Friday my sis and I had a garage sale to get rid of some much needed junk that we had been piling up! As I took my loads of items over to her garage I found some great throw pillows that would be perfect in our home. So for $5.00 I scored these three pillows.

I'm thinking they could either go in our guest bedroom or our living room. Which room do you think?????

Guest bedroom:

Or living room:

Might I also add that by selling our stuff we didn't want I walked away $250 dollars richer! Yay for garage sales!


kari said...

Love those pillows! Way cute!

Abbie said...

I would say guest bedroom. But you are right, either would work!

Mrs. McB said...

I love the pillows! I would say living room! :)

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