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First I love this blog....It's so fresh and chic!  It's called Fun and Fancy free!  Nicole, the blogs owner is fabulous herself and very talented at waht she does!  She's currently having a giveaway for her readers of a customized garland for a nursery. 

Aren't they to die for!  Nicole asked each person entering to comment on what they are most looking forward to in mommyhood.  Here's what I wrote....

I am most excited to be a mom because my husband and I have dreamed of this day since we were married 3 years ago. We then started trying to concieve in December 2008. We've now had 2 mirscarriages and having those dreams dashed was heart wrenching. This is now my 3rd pregnancy and after guarding our hearts through the first trimester we feel like we can actually get excited and see our dream coming true. We are most excited because we have dreamed of this day for so many months and to see a light at the end of the tunnel and having a baby to hold in our arms is simply priceless.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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