Pregnancy weeks 10-12

Week 10:
    I've now had some morning sickness, although not pleasant I actual welcome it, as it means I growing a human, which is naturally what we would like!  I've been feeling pretty tired lately and to find me napping after work in the afternoon is not unusual. 
Every day I have been living on peanut butter and banana sandwiches for breakfast, with milk, and then chicken noodle soup for lunch.  Every once in a while throw in an Easy Mac for a mid-morning snack.  Yep, that's my diet right about now.  Nothing else sounds good.  Meat makes my stomach cringe and anything ethnic makes me lose my appetite!  So for now I will stick with my diet. 
Week 11:
   This week we go for our second appointment.  I will be 11 weeks and 5 days.  Nervous is an understatement but I know that there is a bigger plan to all of this and there is nothing I can do.  This is all in God's plan and his perfect timing. 
 Week 11 day 5: 
     We had second appointment today and it went very well.  The doctor listened for the heart beat with a doppler and after a little searching found a nice strong whoosh, whoosh, whoosh....That is the best sound I have ever heard!  Seriously it was music to our ears.  B and I are very excited as we have never had a baby develop this far, so we are a little more at ease, but still cautious.  I think we may let a guard down a bit more next week as we have our NT scan. 
Week 12:
   Today marks the beginning of week 12.  My iphone application says I am officially in the 2nd trimester and my little sister was so sweet and text me Happy 12 weeks todayThis week we go for our NT scan, and we are both looking forward to maybe being able to make out the baby, instead of it looking like a kidney bean! 
   Morning sickness, which I have no idea why it's called that because it happens all the time.  I bet a man coined the term!  It's still very much present during the week, but the weekends I find myself feeling less tired and less icky feeling.  I did have a migraine last week and it wasn't pleasant.  I've only had 2 total this whole pregnancy and I consider myself uber lucky!  Thankfully my OB said I could take 3 Tylenol instead of 2, so that helped and then I had a Coke for a bit of pick me up! 
12weeks 5days:
Today we had our NT scan and there is no other word to describe it other than AMAZING!  Our baby actually looks like a baby and was moving all around.  Everytime B would make me laugh, the baby would jump up and down and squiggle all around.  The NT scan results were all within range, so everything looks good for half-pint!  Thanks to Diane for coming up with a name for the baby, I've been trying to figure one out and could not for the life of me think of anything...So thank you Diane!   During the NT scan we actually got to SEE the heart beating as well as hear it.  Half-pint's skin is still traslucent so we could actually see it's chest moving and the little heart beating so fast.  Both B and I cried, it was one of the happiest moments in my life.  I know that may sound very cheesy to some, but after going through two losses in the past year, this is a dream come true for us.
We have some amazing pictures from the NT scan that I will share, as well as a 12 week belly shot for my faithful readers!

The little belly you do see, is what I like to call bloat....The baby isn't big enough to make a dent in my tummy yet, but the bloat sure is!
This picture you can see half-pints hand going up towards its face.  Almost like he/she wants to suck their thumb!

and lastly, a profile shot!

As of today I am 13 weeks and 5 days, for those that have asked!  Hopefully it's onward and upward from here!


Jorden and Kristin said...

Congrats!! your baby is so cute! i know you're probably not enjoying the bloating but you do look like a little pregnant mommy :) i'll be praying for this baby to grow big and healthy!

Anonymous said...

Cute bump. :) And the NT scan pics are adorable!

Meredith said...

You look so great Abby--and I am so happy for you both :)

kari said...

You look so cute Abby!

Kayla said...

Gosh, I cannot tell you how excited I am for the 3 of you. I have been reading for quite awhile now and my eyes almost tear up when I read all of the new happy moments you and your husband are going through. Congrats and I cannot wait to keep on reading!! :-)

Katie Jo said...

You look wonderful!!!! I live off of peanut butter and toast, with milk. Meat also does not appeal to me whatsoever. I also love cereal. I'm 20 weeks and my appetite hasn't changed much. I'm going to continue to pray for you three.

DianeTaylor said...

Hey girl - I literally had tears in my eyes reading this blog post. I know exactly how you and B feel - I am so happy for you guys!!!!!! You look too cute in your bump pic.
Can't wait to see you progress thru this process - it truly is a miracle from God.

Fun and Fancy Free said...

How wonderful! You look great... best wishes!!!

Karen said...

Congratulations Abby, I am so happy for you!! You look wonderful too!


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