My Christmas list has started

I know it's not even November 1st, but usually I ask for lots of clothes at Christmas, well this year I don't really see the point.  I am due at the end of March and getting some new clothes for Christmas wouldn't be bad, but I wouldn't wear them for too terribly long.  So this year I am thinking outside the box and trying to find things that we could use or that are just simply fun to have!

First, a Whirlypop popcorn machine!  Love it!!  Makes the best popcorn ever!

Bed sheets!  I really dislike ours, but haven't gone out and purchased them!  White or cream is just fine with me!

Banana Republic gift card
I could use this after the baby is born!

New running shoes!
I plan on running with the baby in tow after it's born, so I would love to have some new kicks!

So what's on your Christmas list this year?


Kayla said...

We have a popcorn popper just like that! It does make the best popcorn ever! I also love Banana Republic, but unfortunately the closest one is about 2-3 hours away! Hopefully you get these fun gifts! I love them all!

Meredith said...

The one and only thing on my list is a 50mm f/ 1.8 lens! I'm trying to convince my hubby that it's better to buy me ONE $100 lens than a bunch of little candles and other crap that probably adds up to $100 anyway!

DianeTaylor said...

Nice gift list, Abby! My husband got laid off so this year we decided...well...forced to scale back and will not exchange gifts with each other. It has been such a trying year for us - so I decided to continue extend this and give the gift of my time :) I plan to put a grab bag together for him with slips of paper with things like :"A long backrub"..."home made dinner of your choice"...."accompany you on a fishing trip".....I may even do the same thing for my friends as well :):)

julie said...

A down coat (see my blog), a DSLR camera (a girl can dream!) and clothes, of course!

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