20 weeks

I had a come to Jesus meeting on Saturday morning when my ipregnancy application on my phone jumped out at me and yelled HALF-WAY THERE!  Holy crap, I'm half way done with this pregnancy!!  Yikes!  I feel like there is still so much to do, so much preparing and all I can think of what I am going to get B for his 30th birthday next week! 

To be honest this summer I hit a pretty low point when I had miscarried a 2nd time and wasn't sure I wanted to try again.  I didn't know if I was cut out to carry a baby or if my body could.  In all honesty, I didn't know if I would ever get to celebrate being 20 weeks pregnant or if the dream of having a biological child would ever come true.   Well it has, and being 20 weeks pregnant is a dream!  I feel almost perfect, until I eat too much and my tummy is just way too full.  I sleep very well and finally starting to have a bump is pretty darn fun!

On Friday we had our anatomy scan and everything looked very good.  Half-pint is weighing 11oz. but we have to go back again this week because HP was moving around too much, the tech couldn't get the spine or abdomen measurements that they need.  A little back story on this....A week from this past Friday we had to go in for a ultra sound to rule out placenta previa.  I didn't have that, but the baby was all curled up in a ball and wouldn't move.  So I asked the tech, what should I do so that next week they can get the measurements needed for the anatomy scan.  She said oh have a pop before you come.  I did and HP was moving wayyy toooo much!!  Seriously it was pretty funny!  The tech said to B, I'm going to have to have you come back so I can measure the spin and tummy....B said, Oh A doesn't mind at all!!  So we will be going back this week for another ultra sound.

I will share a couple of ultra sounds pics and my 20 weeks belly shot! Yes, I am sporting Iowa hawk gear...and they lost...BOOO!!!

Some ultra sound pics or half-pint

Happy Monday!


kari said...

Abby- You look great! I am so happy for you.

hopefuls #1 said...

It's crazy how fast the first half always seems to go by!!! You're looking great!!!

Stacy said...

You look fantastic!!! Yay for being half way. Im 26 weeks and just hit double digits and i think i had a panic attack because time is flying and i barely have anything done. Enjoy every minute :)

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