Cute clothes

I just couldn't reisist sharing these with you!  My dad and stepmom sent us these a long, long time ago, actually when I was pregnant the first time.  Well we put the whole box of goodies in storage and I got it out the other day and I was so happy I did!!!  We got a stuffed Ruby look alike, she thinks we have another puppy and is very curious about it. 

Here are two onesies that I just about died when I saw....First, a little story, my dad has always called me peanut as a nickname...here you go!

It's Ruby on a onesie!  How stinking cute!  My stepmom took a pic that I emailed them, turned it into an applique and ironed it on a onesie...I just about died when I saw it!
A close up!

The other one...

They are just sooo tiny and cute!! I can't get over them!

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Angie said...

Those are adorable!

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