21 weeks.

I am so late in posting this, but I am now 21 weeks pregnant.  I can now feel half-pint kick more and more often, and the kicks are getting stronger by the day.  B was actually able to press on my belly and feel the baby kick.  I also apologize for the crappy picture.  I was trying to hold my sweater back, take a self portrait and Ruby's butt is in the back.

I am hoping in the coming week that my belly rounds out!  I have bump envy of some of my friends of their cute round tummies!!


Anonymous said...

That's a great bump! You are really starting to show. ;)

Andrea said...

You are so cute! I love your little pregnant belly.

kari said...

Abby, you look great!

MrsBro... said...

Such a cute bump!!

DianeTaylor said...

You are so adorable - I can feel you excitement in every post!!!! At 21 weeks, I looked like a cow already - seriously. At the end of my pregnancy I was wearing a mumu for a dress - no lie!
And I love that color on you too - very pretty!

The DIY Show Off said...

You are so cute! You look great!


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