B turned 30!

This past weekend we celebrated B's entering into a new decade.  Friday we spent a low keep evening just the two of us, but look out, when Saturday morning hit, we were on the go and haven't stopped since! 

Saturday morning B ran the Living History Farms Race.  He has some company when running, my sister and our friend joined him in the chilly 33 degree weather to run through fields, creeks, ditches, mud and water!  They were all warm and clean prior to the start, but a little wet and muddy at the end. 
  It was quite interesting to see the costumes people wore.  That day I saw Santa and his eight reindeer, a couple of cows, hula girls and a naked indian.  Oh and Willie Nelson!  Yep, they ran 7 miles in those costumes!

Please note B's tuxedo shirt....


All in all they had a blast!
That evening we gathered with B's family and my fam to celebrate his entering his 30's! 

I got him a golf themed cake.  He loves golf!

B had a great birthday and the cake was a huge success and tasted delcious! 
Happy Friday!

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