23 weeks

Good morning!  I hope everyone had a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving!  As of Saturday I am currently 23 weeks pregnant.  The bump says half-pint is the size of a papaya..  That was shocking to me...a papaya, that's quite large considering how little time half-pint has been in my belly!  This past week my mom and sister were able to feel half-pint move.  We were sitting at the table eating Thanksgiving dinner and HP was moving like crazy.  I told my mom to give me her hand...I had to remove the roll from her hand.  She initially thought I just wanted to "see" her hand.  I put it on my belly....low and behold HP moved and she said, oh my gosh, you just made my day!  It made me smile!  My sister was next in line.  She was joinkingly telling me to stop breathing so she could feel it.  HP moved for his/her auntie in no time!  Apparently, HP likes to move a lot when I'm eating.

  Other than more and more movement, nothing to really report, which is the way I like it!  We have our 24 week OB appointment this week and holy cow....24 weeks!!!  Simply shocking to me.  It seems like yesterday when I was 12 weeks!  I will leave you with my 23 weeks belly pic.  B also took a 23 week belly pic, but he would disown me if I posted it.  I will ask him again tonight, because it's pretty funny!

Happy Monday


kari said...

You look amazing Abby! I'm so happy for you.

Anonymous said...

So cute, Abby. You look great!!

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