Dear Pottery Barn,

      You will always have my heart, but this just isn't working any more!  Seriously, I love your store and the wonderful ideas you put in your magazine, but seriously your prices would break my bank!  I'm sorry, this holiday season I will be cheating on your at Hobby Lobby, Michaels and Target.  I know we could make this work, but you just really aren't trying any longer, and although I would love to spend thousands of dollars in your store to decorate my home.  My husband would disown me!  My list is just getting longer and longer and your amazing set designers are not making it any easier this holiday season!  I will always love you, and maybe we can give it a try next season....

    Your long time love, A

Now on to what I am drooling over from PB this holiday season!

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kermiefrg said...

I couldn't agree more! Knockoffs are the best!

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