25 weeks

This week I am 25 weeks pregnant.  WOW, seriously everyweek I see my ipregnancy app tell me that I am getting closer and closer to having half-pint arrive.  Seriously, gets me everytime.  I think my belly is now starting to round out and I may actaully look pregnant, not just chubby! 

  B and I did get to see something pretty amazing on Saturday evening.  I was laying on the floor and all the sudden my hand that was on my belly jumped.  I told B to come quick and yet again we could see my belly move from the outside.  Very cool moment.  To know that there is a child inside my belly is simply a miracle from God and it still amazes me everytime I think about it.  Other than that nothing else to really report.  Oh, it is getting harder to put on my socks, not shoes, just socks, no idea why!  It feels like I am squishing all my internal organs when I'm trying to sit on our bed and put my socks on.  I think I am going to have to move to a sturdy chair this week!  I again will leave you with my 25 week belly picture.

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