Well hello winter!

Last week the state of Iowa was hit hard by Old Man Winter.  We had about 15 inches of snow, which honestly, isn't bad for Iowa, but then it was followed by winds ranging anywhere from 30-50 mph.  My poor dog couldn't get outside to play and just looked at me like "mom I am sooo bored!" 

Now I am a huge advocate of snow for Christmas, but snow and this cold.....no thanks!  I'll take snow and lovely 30 degrees!  Snow and -25 windchill just is bone chiling!  Here are a few pictures of the snow that was right outside of our house. 

This snow drift, was about to my chest!

Ruby doesn't mind the cold with her warm sweater!

That is our neighbord garden ball.

I don't think she minds living in Iowa!

Stay warm!  Happy Monday

1 comment:

MrsSouthernBelle said...

Wow! We have never had snow like that! Looks FREEZING!

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