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Honest....who knew?

Anyway, first, I would like to thank Julie from Back to the Basics for givng me this award!  First, Julie is one the cutest mommies I've ever seen and her son Brayden is too cute for words!  I love Julie's honesty and her wedding pics are to die for!  So thanks Julie!
Here are the rules:

Here are the rules:
-Thank the person who gave you the award and link to their blog. (check!)

-Share 10 honest things about yourself.

-Present this award to 7 other blogs that you find brilliant in design and/or content.

10 honest things about me:

1. I absolutely adore my dog.  Seriously it could be to a fault!  She sleeps with us, cuddles with us all the time and every night I wrap her in HER blanket before we all go to sleep.  She is our baby and seriously, we are going to have a wake up call when this bambino arrives!

2. I have a distinct loathing for anything pumpkin.  As in flavor.  Can't stand the stuff, never been able to!  Needless to say I always bring an apple pie on Thanksgiving!

3. I don't think I could ever be a stay at home mom.  I admire anyone who can, but I think I would be unmotivated.  I have always needed something to keep me going and I might work part-time when this baby arrives, but the thought of staying home full-time seriously depresses me.

4. I can not stand eggs.  As in scrambled, fried, sunny side up, any egg is not my friend.  I think it's a texture thing.

5.  As for Thanksgiving, I am a green bean casserole snob!  I only like our families recipe!  I bring this dish every year to dinner and wouldn't have it any other way!

6. I have grown up in a blended family most of my life.  My parents were divorced when I was 3 years old and I wouldn't have it any other way.  I often feel bad introducing my step parents to people as my step parents because they are so much more than step parents to me.  They are my parents.  They've been there to guide and support me since I was very young.   I feel like that title doesn't explain their relationship with me.  It makes me feel like they are less important to me than my biological parents, but in reality, I am the luckiest gal in the world to have 4 loving and supportive parents and I am so thankful for each of them!

7. I often wonder what my purpose in life is.  I feel like my job now isn't what I am meant to do.  I feel like I have something more I am supposed to be doing.  I have a deep need to be giving back, changing lives, making each day for someone else the best that it possibly can be.  I know I have this calling, but I'v never been able to put a finger on exactly what I am supposed to do.  Each day I wake up and want more, I want more from my job.  I am so fortunate to have my health, my family, my friends.  There is a deep sense of needing to give back to those less fortunate.  Hopefully in the near future I can meet that calling.

8. This honesty post has taken me over a week to complete.  I don't have an issue with being honest, but more so, I was trying to make it at least a litle bit interesting to read!  I may be failing misserably!

9.  I am deathly afraid of child birth.  I know it's a little late now, but I am terrified of the pain, the contractions, everything!  I really have been hoping that the stork would just drop our beautiful child off at my hospital room in March!  I know, unrealistic, but a girl can always dream!

10.  I can not understand why girls have what I call the "Paris Hilton Syndrome"  Where they are actually intelligent yet act as if they have no common sense.  Think Jessica Simpson in  Newlyweds.  Seriously, I have no idea where this concept came from, but it needs to go away ASAP!  Empower yourself ladies, we are smart creatures that can solve problems, discuss important issues and even kill a bug if necessary!  we don't need to squeel at every little thing or use baby talk to adults, more than anything it's just annoying!

Now on to the 7 wonderful bloggers that I am passing this award on to:
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Katie @ Blessed Hess
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julie said...

Thanks for your kind words! :) I LOVE your blog.

I too, was scared about childbirth, and I wish I would have prepared myself a bit more for a C-section just in case. It was very scary, because I had ONLY prepared myself for a regular delivery. When the times comes, you will do whatever it takes to have that baby, pain won't mean a thing, trust me!

East Coast Suburbanite said...

congrats on the award! Your #9 reminds me of when we were at childbirth classes for our first born and I said in front of everyone "Seriously,Isn't there some way they could just knock me out and I could just wake up holding the baby. I'm really ok with that". I was highly scared of the pain but after just having my second child 6 mths ago, I can tell you it's such an amazing magical event. You'll do great and be fine!
fellow nestie ck715

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