29 weeks

 As the number of weeks go higher and higher, I get a little more freaked out each week!  This week is no exception!  We have our townhouse packed up ready to move, our new home a construction zone, baby furniture in boxes and me left wondering where in the heck time has gone! 
I know we will get it all together and half-pint will have a place to lay his/her head when he/she decides to arrive!  On a house note, we have our flooring ordered, it's supposed to arrive on Friday, we have to acclimate the wood to our new house for 3 days and then B can start to lay it.
As for 29 weeks, nothing really new and exciting to report.  I did pass my 3 hour gestational diabetes test!  That was a hue relief! I had to get my second rhogam shot, as I am Rh factor negative.  I can still see my feet, and I got my first stranger comment this past weekend.  We now start going to see the doctor every two weeks and we will have a final ultrasound at 37 weeks. 
  I will leave you with my 29 week belly picture....it's getting bigger!


Stacey said...

I'm 26 weeks so I enjoy seeing your photos being a few weeks ahead. Where have you done most of your maternity shopping? I love your style.

Angie said...

I found out today I passed my 3 hr test too, thank GAWD! You look amazing! Can you believe we're almost to 30 weeks!

Abby said...

First, thank you for the compliment! I have done most of my maternity shopping at Target, gap maternity and department stores. I've really tried to stay away from a ton of prints because they are just not as flattering on me as solid colors. I also just stuck to the basics, black, white, gray, then I just add a pop of color with my accessories. Good luck with the rest of your pregnacy!

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