8 vs.18 vs. 28

Holy schmolly!  Looking back at these pictures is seriously amazing to me!  I have no idea how my belly is going to stretch for 12 more weeks, but I'm sure it will!  I always love seeing these kind of posts on blogs so I thought I would be brave and post my bare belly 28 week pic.... Now I yearn for my boobs to once again be that small.....

8 weeks

18 weeks

28 weeks...
thankfully our gestational period isn't any longer than 40 weeks!

and covered

This may very well be the last bare belly shot I am brave enough to share!


kari said...

You look great Abby! I can't believe it's 28 weeks!

julie said...

You look fantastic! Isn't it crazy how different you look? :)

Jorden and Kristin said...

beautiful bump! it's so crazy how much the belly can stretch to make room! :)

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