34 weeks

I am bad, bad blogger!  I didn't have a 33 week pic taken, so I am going to just move on and share with you all my 34 week pic.  First, I am absolutely mortified at how swollen my face looks!  Seriously I about cropped the pic!  The good news is that swelling goes away after you deliver! 
Let's see, 34 weeks, not much to report.  My doctor is a little concerned with the amount of swelling I am having.  I have gained a total of 24 pounds and she said that with a 24 pound weight gain it's not normal to have swelling in my face, hands and feet like I am.  She is considering uping the medication that I am on for the SVT, and will do an ultra sound at 37 weeks, check the fluid levels and if I have way too much fluid, she will not hesitate to induce me.  She is concered with how hard my heart is working with the extra fluid in my body. So we shall see!  I do feel alright, just tired, but with 5.5 weeks left I think that's OK.  Everything else is going just fine.  We are just waiting on our maternity pics that we took to put in the nursery and then it will be done and I will share some pics!  I will leave you with my 34 week pic from my shower this past Saturday.

Happy Wednesday!

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