Etsy Love

This past weekend my sister hosted a second baby shower on my behalf.  She and my aunt did a wonderful job, and I had an amazing time. 
   This brings me to the real point of this post.  Esty love.....  First, I love Esty, have ordered tons of items from there and my mom found a wonderful gift for half-pint on Esty.  It's a white cotton bunting gown...or as I keep calling it a sleeper dress.  My mom tells me it's a gown Abby, then a boy can wear it!  Either way it's simply beautiful and so, so soft.  She had it monogrammed with a white L on the chest and on the blanket for half-pints last name. 
After opening it, I was amazed!  It was again so soft and precious!  You can find the gown here.  Obviously, I will post pics of half-pint once he/she makes their arrival next month!

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